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We’re throwing an Every Time I Die afterparty this Friday, ‘FYI’

This Friday, Every Time I Die play the Old Blue Last in London. That’s going to be quite the show, eh? The kind of thing that deserves a bit of an occasion made of it.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. After the gig, we’re throwing a special aftershow party. From 11-1.30am we’ll be spinning ‘the hits’ (actual quota and relative scale of hits TBC – Ed). It’s free for ticket holders, but if you’re not going to the show and people at the gig bugger off (as good as we are, some will), you can get in if you’re not already going too.

As ever, we’ve organised this to military precision.

So – TL;DR. We’re playing some songs and trying to make a night of it at the Old Blue Last after Every Time I Die this Friday. It’ll be great. You should come.


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