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Thrice have finished recording their new album

After letting people into the recording process via some heavy Instagram usage, Thrice have now announced they’ve finished recording their new album.

The band announced they would be recording new material at the end of last year and work began in the studio last month. This new material will be the first from the band since 2011’s ‘Major/Minor‘.

While in the studio, the band have been trading blows with Brand New.

T: Guitar / D: Pedals = #teamwork #TBEITBN

A photo posted by Thrice (@thrice_official) on

Brand New replied to the above photo, asking “you sure you guys still remember how to do all this?” with Thrice replying “Nope. Probably just gonna leak these tracks as demos and then release them on cassette in 10 years.”

It didn’t stop there.

Brand New asked “… you’re really lobbing them in there for us, huh?” on this photo, with Thrice responding “Yup. Man, you guys are awfully active on Instagram lately. Don’t you guys have more Devil & God lyrics you need to handwrite & mail out? Or was 10 years enough time?”

A solid burn and even Brand New agree. “Touché, Thrice. Touché. @thrice_official”

But the real winner will be the first one to release a new album. The race is on.

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