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Thrice: “It’s as good as it’s ever been”

Thrice are back. Properly, actually back. We know so ‘cos we’ve heard new album ‘To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere‘ and seen them with our own eyes.

Even with those new songs, their new fans and their rediscovered want to do Thrice, playing live “still feels like the good ol’ band,” according to bassist Eddie Breckenridge, sat backstage at Reading Festival. “For me, everything that we’re playing that’s new right now, even if it’s a little more straightforward, is fun to play,” adds drummer Riley Breckenridge. “I’m having a lot of fun playing the new stuff live. When you combine that with the response from the audience, whether it’s singing along during a vocal break in ‘Black Honey‘ or singing along to the outro in ‘The Long Defeat‘, we don’t have that many moment during older songs. I’m getting chills right now thinking about it.

“Last night at that London show, it was so loud. I’ve got my in ear monitors in, I’ve got no crowd max in, I’m not supposed to hear the crowd but I can hear them like they were singing right into my fricking ear. It’s pretty amazing.”

That want for fun and to get everyone involved is something that’ll be “important moving forward. It definitely enhances the live shows, not only for us but for the crowd. There’s something really cool about singing at the top of your lungs with 2500 other people.”

Thrice have got a three week US tour booked in for when they return home and that’s it, apart from a handful of spotty one-off shows. The rest of the time will be spent working individually on new material. As eager as they are to keep moving things forward, they want to keep it light.

“we’re trying to iron out plans for next year. We’re definitely going to make it a priority to make it back over here. We’ve been gone for long enough. We’ve got to come back over here on a regular basis. With touring, we’re not looking more than six months ahead but we’re trying to tour in smaller chunks. Just trying to make it a little more manageable so we don’t get burnt out like the guys did in the past.

“And I think it’s working. The last run we did in the states was great, this is great, everyone is still fully energised and full excited about this stuff. It’s as good as it’s ever been so hopefully it keeps progressing in that direction.”

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