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The Replacements are “lazy bastards to the end”, as reunion comes to a halt

The Replacements’ reunion looks to be at an end after a couple of months’ worth of shows.

During the band’s performance at Primavera Porto, Paul Westerberg announced that the set would be the last time the group would play together. Claiming they’d stayed at the hotel instead of coming for sound check, he described them as “lazy bastards to the end”, before smashing his guitar.

Pitchfork reports that, during the tour, Westerberg has worn a white t-shirt with a single letter sprayed onto the front and back each night. Piecing together the letters, fans have decoded a message reading “I have always loved you. Now I must whore my past.”

The band had worked on new material, according to co-manager Darren Hill – producing seven or eight songs over two recording sessions. “It’s just a question of what the band wants to ultimately do with them,” he said.

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