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The new Blink-182 album is finished

The new Blink-182 album is all done, according to Travis Barker.

Speaking as part of an interview at his Musnik Festival held this weekend past, the drummer told Punkvideosrock.com: “The album’s done, I’ll be honest with everybody.

“It’s just a matter of picking what 12 to 14 songs are going to be on the album. I think we wrote 26 or 27? So everyone right now is really pushing for their favourites.”

Barker couldn’t resist a little sideways snipe at Blink’s absent member Tom DeLonge, either. “It was great to have someone who wants to be in the studio all the time with us. It has been amazing,” he says of Matt Skiba, DeLonge’s replacement in the band. “I think the days of making great records, at least with Blink, the proof has been shown that it’s great when we’re all in the studio together.”

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