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The Movielife are working on new music

When The Movielife reunited in December 2014 and played a glorious run of shows, there were whisperings and crossed finger when it came to new material, as there always is. However, it looks like The Movielife are in the studio, cooking up some new songs.

Not only have members of the band been sharing (exciting) updates, they’re also promising to air new material at their trio of US shows in March.

“The only way for new music, from an old band that’s come back, to reach new people is for it to be really fucking good,” Vinnie Caruana told Upset last year. “Then it transcends everything. I think that [us] writing together would be really fucking good. We’re not going to write a song like ‘Walking On Glass’, it’s not going to come out of us in our thirties.

“It would be a travesty for us to go and write music like we did when we were 20-years-old,” he adds. “So if the time comes and we write new music together, we know in our hearts that it’ll be great.”

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