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The Maddigans bring the sunshine with new track ‘Venice’

The Maddigans are back and they’ve brought a whole host of treats with ’em.

Their new album ‘No Place Like Here‘ is coming March 4th and you can hear brand new track ‘Venice‘ below, exclusively on Upset.

Full of rose-tinted reflection and sugary melodies, ‘Venice’ may be a full of longing but there’s powerful growth at its heart. With every rotation of that oh-so-glorious chorus, the band believe it a little more. Stepping away from their past and embracing change, ‘Venice’ sees a band taking that nostalgia and using it to kick open new horizons.

“We write all of our songs together as a band – anyone’s part is up for critique from anyone, so they’re a complete team effort by all of us. We’ve never used any co-writers or even had much in the way of ‘producers’, no-one outside the band has ever had a major impact on our songs and we’re proud of that,” ventures drummer Benn Kimmis of ‘No Place Like Here’. “We’ve played a decent amount of shows all over the world now and have developed a pretty raw live performance. I think this is the closest we’ve come to capturing our live sound on a record.”

The band, half-Canadian and half-English, are looking to tour both their home countries in 2016 so stay tuned.

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