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The Front Bottoms talk album influences: “It changed my life”

In the new issue of Upset, The Front Bottoms discuss their forthcoming debut album ‘Back On Top’, due for release this Friday, 18th September. “We got together, I would come with a skeleton of a song and I’d sit down with the boys and we would try to work it out,” explains Brian Sella, singer and guitarist, of their process.

“Then we recorded this, probably the most professionally that we have ever done, so I think we all learned something. In the past it would be like ‘let’s go in and record some songs and see how they come out’. I think this time we all had a vision and we worked with a really awesome producers.”

“I mean, I bought a motorcycle when I was writing this album,” he explains. “That influenced me a lot. It changed my life, my lifestyle; I don’t usually say I’m going to sit down and write about this or that, that these songs are going to have these themes.

“Just because of where my life is right now, the songs tend to have common themes because you know I’m writing about a certain time in my life that I’m going through.

“There’s definitely motorcycles and riding motorcycles and crashing motorcycles as the theme. Finding yourself is a theme, getting older is a theme, it’s just all of that stuff. You know, when you finish the album and listen back to it, you’re like ‘Ah, shit! There are some common themes on this album’.

“I didn’t even realise while we were writing them, working on them, recording them. At the end you’re like, this must have been a little part of my life for the past year.”

Read more in the October issue of Upset, out Friday 18th September. Pre-order your copy here, or take out a subscription.

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