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The Devil Wears Prada start work on new album

The Devil Wears Prada have started work on their sixth album, the follow up to 2013 full-length ‘8:18’.

“So long for now, Wisconsin,” frontman Mike Hranica posted on Instagram. “Writing session number one for TDWP full length number six.”

The release will also follow their new EP ‘Spaced’, released earlier this year, and the departure of guitarist Chris Rubey.

“I’m feeling confident with it,” Hranica recently told Upset. “The band is different without Chris but I’m really excited.

“This feels like our best material. It felt really good for us and still does. Its something we can be proud of, it’s a new direction and it’s been a little bit of a refresh.”

So long for now, Wisconsin // Writing session number one for TDWP full length number six

A photo posted by Mike Hranica (@mkhrnc) on

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