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SWMRS: “Expect some new material coming out soon”

SWMRS are a clean slate. They’ve hit the reset button and find themselves often in disbelief that this new, definitive version of their band is flying as high as it is. Reading Festival 2016 saw them open their stage, for one. “I think we were really nervous about opening it up today,” says Max Becker, “and it was insane. There was a wall of death with every song, a lot of jumping, singing our songs. I don’t even know how many hundred people were in there but the tent felt really full. We couldn’t ask for a better welcome back to England. You guys rock. We love England so much.”

They’re well into their journey after switching from Emily’s Army to Swimmers, then ditching the vowels. “It’s just been amazing,” says Cole Becker, with Max adding, “It was probably the best decision we ever made because we’re like ten times bigger already and we can’t wait to get even bigger. We’re still growing, definitely.”

“It’s cool that we just get to play places like this,” continues Cole. “It seems that our music is connecting with people and that’s one of the best feelings, I really like that it’s something people feel is like theirs.”

Reading isn’t the only stop they find themselves on. In fact, SWMRS is limitless to them.”Emily’s Army had us play the pop punk route and now it’s just like everywhere,” explains Max. “People don’t necessarily put us in that category anymore, which is nice.”

“It’s cool that we can come from a harder world, you know,” picks up Cole. “We get put on the weirdest festivals that you could ever imagine, like Slipknot and shit and the fact that we can play those and not get booed off the stage make it way easier to play more new festivals.”

“To make it clear,” laughs Max, “they don’t come close to booing us off! They really like it but it’s cool that we can play all over the place now.”

There’s exciting news brewing, but that’s for another time. For now, it’s SWMRS going world over beyond the pop punk bubble they began in. It’s just the beginning. “You can expect some new material coming out soon,” teases Max. “We’re definitely going to keep pushing ‘Drive North’ because it’s got a lot of life left in it. We’ve seen a lot of bands fuck up by releasing too much stuff-“

“We’re not going to Frank Ocean it,” says Cole, “but we’re going to wait.”

“Like Fidlar,” continues Max, “they’ve only come out with two records and they’re already on like main stage here. If they can do that with only two records, we’re going to try use our two records to go far.”

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