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Svalbard share video for ‘Expect Equal Respect’

Svalbard have shared a video for ‘Expect Equal Respect‘, one of the standout tracks from 2015’s ‘One Day All This Will End‘. Check it out below, via Noisy.

Speaking about the song to Upset, the band’s Serena Cherry explained she wrote the song because she didn’t want to. “The thing we’re really against at the moment which ‘Expect Equal Respect’ is largely about, is this whole patronising idea that you need to highlight women in music as if they’re some sort of novelty.”

“How do you think it makes someone and their entire band feel for their hard work, success and output to be belittled down to the core of someones gender? Do I not even need to bother picking up my instrument? Do I just need to stand there, being a girl and that’s enough merit for everything else I’ve done. When you highlight someones gender you, you reduce them to it. I’m not the guitarist in Svalbard anymore, I’m just the girl and you feel that’s all that’s noticed.

“I hear a lot of other girls doing it, they classify their own band as female fronted or classify a gig night as find the female headliner. We get asked all the time and no, I don’t want to be asked because of that. I want my band to be asked because people think we’d fit the bill regardless. You wouldn’t segregate based on race or sexuality so why is it ok to do it for gender,” she continues.

“I’m worried the song might be misperceived as a crusade. It’s not that at all. It’s saying positive discrimination is still discrimination and it needs to stop. Let’s not focus on irrelevant things when talking about other peoples bands.”

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