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State Champs: “We’re going to start thinking about a new album pretty soon”

Opening the main stage of Reading and Leeds festivals is a big moment. For State Champs, it’s a festival that they’ve watched sets online from afar, and revisited streams of when they realised they too would join the iconic roster. “I would watch Jimmy Eat World, one of their sets from Reading, Nirvana,” says guitarist Tyler Szalkowski. “I watched the Neck Deep one that they put up from last year too.”

“All our friends that have played,” continues vocalist Derek DiScanio. “I remember going back and watching, especially once we found out we were going to play. I was like, let’s go back and watch The Story So Far when they opened the main stage two years ago. We asked them about it and they were like ‘It was massive. You guys are going to have a really good time.’ And they were right. It lived up to it.”

Their set was an utter triumph in the sun at Reading. “It definitely wakes us right up because we’re late sleepers anyway,” Derek laughs. “We just get up and play. We hear all the stories from our friends who have attended or even played. It was our first time here, our first Reading and Leeds experience and it lived up to the hype. I already can’t wait to come back.”

“It’s absolutely iconic,” agrees Tyler. “It feels like a blessing.”

For State Champs, their calendar is pretty much tour after tour. Prior to the festival, they even played a show in Union Chapel, a very different setting even by their standards, but home is where the stage is. “It’s a different dynamic,” says Tyler, “but it doesn’t feel much different because going out on the stage will always feel the same: it’s a comforting home scenario for me.”

But before the leap into their next tour, there’s finally some time to go home and put their feet up. “We’re going to start thinking about a new album pretty soon,” says Derek. “We’re going home to have some time off to ourselves, we’ve been touring the whole year, then we’ll start thinking about the next album. Between now and springtime next year is when we start piling in the ideas, start writing and figure out what’s next for State Champs.”

“I’m going to refinish a guitar,” tells Tyler. “I just got the paint shipped to my house. I also play a lot of World of Warcraft and the expansion drops in days.” Derek adds, “I will be playing video games and being a couch potato. Take a step back and cool off a little bit.”

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