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Snowing reunite to play Broken World Fest

On the weekend of April 15th, Broken World Fest in Pittsburgh is going to play host to something very special indeed. Snowing (the favourite band of your favourite emo revival bands) are returning for their first show since 2011.

No word yet as to whether this is a full reunion or a one-off, but either way, it’s huge news. Snowing broke up just before their niche exploded and their popularity has only been on the ascendency since with ‘Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit‘ and ‘I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted‘.

One Reddit user must be very excited about their return.

It’s about time somebody laid some truth bombs on this subreddit, starts Sheepwithshovels in the Emo Subeddit. “Snowing is objectively, OBJECTIVELY, the greatest thing to ever happen to music. When people talk about the greatest musician of all time, who do they name? Not Mozart. Not Beethoven. Not Chopin. Not Miles Davis. Not The Beach Boys. (Fuck the Beatles) Not Kanye. SNOWING. No band can compare. John Galm’s lyrics are superior to any other writer in history. Marcel Proust, Vladimir Nobakov, David Foster Wallace, William Shakespeare, and Miguel de Cervantes just can’t compare. None of them. Not a single one of them.

‘Why can’t I see the sunspots in your eyes?’ Who wrote that? Was it F. Scott “entry level pleb shit” Fitzgerald? Was it Tommy Pinecone? Was it le uberedgy german mustache man? No. It was John. Fuckin. Galm. His bass parts are pretty cool too. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for Snowing, we wouldn’t have won World War 2. Justin Renninger’s drumming was instrumental (no meme intended) in the defeat of the Third Reich at the battle of Kursk. Those hi-hats…or cymbals or whatever. The guy knew how to use them. Nate Dionne and Ross Brazuk.

The guitarists of Snowing, or as I like to call them, the twinkly twin engines that have been keeping art alive in the west for the past 900 years. That opening riff in “Damp Feathers”… Look, I’m not saying it’s the greatest piece of music ever written but I’m also not gonna deny it. jaaoowuw dow dow dow dow dow dow dow jaaoowuw dow dow dow dow dow duhduhduhdowdowwow jaaoowuw dow dow dow dow dow dow dow jaaoowuw dow dow dow dow dow duhduhduhdowdowwow jaaoowuw dow dow dow dow dow dow dow jaaoowuw dow dow daw dawdodododowow DJUUHJUUUHDOWDOW JHUUHJUDJUDJUDJUDOWDOWDJUDJUDOWDOW DJUWWEWEWEW JEHJEHDJUHJUHJUH DJUHDJUHDJUHDJUH DJUUHJUUUHDOWDOW JHUUHJUDJUDJUDJUDOWDOWDJUDJUDOWDOW DJUWWEWEWEW JEHJEHDJUHJUHJUH DJUHDJUHDJUHDJEOOWW If you want to pretend that’s not the greatest piece of music ever composed, go ahead…but if you have that opinion, you probably shouldn’t be listening to music. No band can even come close to touching Snowing. GREATEST. BAND. EVER. PERIOD.

Welcome back, guys. Please stick around as long as you can.

Snowing aside, the rest of Broken World Fest isn’t too bad either. The full lineup is as follows:

Snowing, The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, Into It. Over It., Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), Weatherbox, Rozwell Kid, Deer Leap, Pinegrove, Emperor X, Posture & The Grizzly, Take One Car, The Island of Misfit, Toys, Clique, Jank, Animal Flag, Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Brightside, People Like You, For Everest, Nouns, Shannen Moser, Spirit Night, Great Grandpa, Skull Kid

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