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Slutface change name to Sløtface due to “social media censorship”

Norwegian pop-punk quartet Slutface have changed their name to Sløtface owing to “social media censorship”.

The band explain:

“We have chosen to change the u in our name to an ø. Due to social media censorship we have been shut out of certain opportunities as a band, so to sneak by these old fashioned views we are tricking the internet, shh.

“We have in no way changed our political and feminist message, we just hope to reach more people with our lyrics and message by changing one silly letter of our name and thereby avoiding censorship.

“Also we like the connection to our Nordic roots and hope we can trick Mark Zuckerberg into promoting SLØTFACE music. Løv Sløts.”

Their forthcoming EP ‘Sponge State’ will be released on 27th May via Propeller Recordings. Read Upset’s recent interview with the band here.

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