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Live Review

It’s a showstopper as Beartooth take to the mainstage

Posted: Saturday, June 11th, 2016

It may only be midday but Beartooth’s frontman Caleb Shomo wastes no time getting the crowd down on the (muddy, muddy) ground, ready to literally leap into action as the band launch into ‘The Lines’.

A natural showman, commanding the crowd with a growl throughout the set, Caleb knows how much is riding on today’s set and he’s determined to make every minute matter. The band are just as tight, just as ready for war and look entirely comfortable occupying and dominating Download’s main stage. There’s synchronised head-banging, copious beat downs and spades of guitars even filthier than the Donington mud.

The moments of melody aren’t as strong live as they are on record but their presence, and the connection they forge because of it, is undeniable. Knowing they’re stronger as a unit, bassist Oshie Bicar is quick to pick up slack and their united assault on the ever expanding audience sees a whole field bouncing, screaming back at the band, and proving that there’s more to this band than simple aggression.