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Seeing Asking Alexandria in the UK next week? Not any more

If you have tickets to see Asking Alexandria’s UK dates next week, well… sorry guys. Not any more you don’t.

The band have been forced to pull their first shows with new frontman Denis Shaforostov, because of ‘visa problems’.

“It is with a heavy heart and a great deal of frustration that I must regrettably inform you that our two UK shows have been cancelled due to visa problems,” writes Ben Bruce on the band’s Facebook.

“We have spent the last few days doing everything we possibly can to make sure that these shows wouldn’t be cancelled but at the end of the day the US government took far longer than anyone could have predicted giving Denis his visa which has left us no time to finish his visa process to enter the UK.

“You have no idea how much we were all looking forward to these shows and I promise you we will make it up to you. Myself, James, Cam and Sam will still be flying to the UK and will be at the venues on the day of each show to hang out with you guys. Bring whatever you want signing, bring a camera and come down and say hi, have some drinks and just generally hang out for a bit. I know this by no means makes up for the fact that we have had to cancel the shows but I hope you can understand that it is beyond our control and unfortunately legalities got in the way. Just bring your ticket with you to get into the venue.

“Your ticket will be refunded automatically by your ticket seller, no need for you to do anything. Contact them if you have any questions however… As I mentioned before, we will make this up to all of you. We have a huge UK tour announcement that you will all be made aware of shortly!

“Until then, enjoy our brand new single “I Won’t Give In”. Thank you so much for understanding. We love you guys”

Seeing as you’ve got nothing else on now, you may as well check out the previously mentioned new single here.

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