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Rozwell Kid’s Jordan Hudkins is coming to the UK to watch Channel 4

Over the weekend, Rozwell Kid kicked off their pretty-damn-impressive tour with The Hotelier and Into It. Over It.. Tonight (May 9th), they play London’s Scala. We forced singer/guitarist Jordan Hudkins to take a break from watching The Simpsons and give us the lowdown on what to expect.

So, you’re touring the UK with Into It. Over It. and The Hotelier – are you fans of the bands?
Yes, both Into It. Over It. & The Hotelier are very cool bands that we are excited to tour with again! We met the Hotelier on our first USA tour with The World Is a Beautiful Place… and we’ve been friends ever since. We played a few shows with them on the way to Riot Fest in Denver last August, so it will be nice to get back in the saddle with them for an extended run of dates. And on a foreign continent, no less! We just toured with Into It. Over It. for the first time in December, and they are the nicest group of people.

This is your first time playing the UK – is there anywhere you’re especially looking forward to visiting, or anything you’d like to experience while here?
This may sound lame, but I am very excited about turning on a television in the UK and watching Channel 4, even if it’s just commercials. Lately, I’ve been into watching Channel 4 programming on YouTube late at night, so seeing it in action would be a real trip. I’ve been watching a lot of Travel Man and Gadget Man and catching up on the Big Fat Quizzes from recent years. Ha ha, wow… I am traveling to a foreign country for the first time and I can’t wait to watch TV! I am also very excited just to see the architecture, the countryside, and soak in the subtle differences from home.

What can people who aren’t familiar with your band expect from your live show? 
We pride ourselves on a highly energetic, finely-tuned live experience. We’re having a blast, and we want everyone in the venue to have just as much fun as we are.

Will you be using the dates to try out new material at all?
Since this is our first time in Europe & the UK, we will most likely be sticking to released material. Playing new songs can be a real thrill, but also a little daunting. We’ve been lucky enough to play these songs all over the States, so now we’re going to relish the opportunity to do it for a brand new audience.

What one thing makes you think ‘that was a good show’ at the end of a performance?
You can have a phenomenal show in front of five people, or a terrible show in front of five hundred people. All that really matters is we had fun and tried our best :)

Finally, can you let us in on any of your plans for later in the year?
We are recording a new album, and touring the States with our label-mates PUP!

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