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ROAM set their sights high: “I feel like it’s doable”

ROAM’s album ‘Backbone’ will be released on 22nd January, ahead of a UK tour with Sum 41. It’s a perfect pairing, given what they hope to achieve with their debut.

The band’s Alex Adam has a specific reaction in mind. “I want people to feel the way I felt when I first listened to ‘Does This Look Infected?’,” he says, in the new issue of Upset.

“I know that’s a big ask and it might take until album two, but I feel like it’s doable. I just felt like it was perfect, it was like musically, lyrically, production-wise, artwork-wise perfect. To me, anyway.”

The Eastbourne five-piece have their influences but with pop punk more than most, there’s a sense of heritage. A lineage you can trace. ROAM take their name from a The Story So Far song who, in turn, take their name from a New Found Glory track.

In fact, they’ve already taken their place in that legacy. “I mean, there’s a band called Head Rush and Nothing In Return now so I guess it’s already happening. It’s sick.”

Read more from ROAM in the new issue of Upset, out Wednesday 13th January. Pre-order your copy here – along with some back issues, if you like (they’re very good). It will also be available from our featured stockists.

This month’s mag is a 2016 special, featuring loads of our (soon to be your) favourite new bands, as well as a bunch of awesome things you can expect from the year ahead, from the lowdown on Moose Blood’s new album, to why Panic! At The Disco will reign supreme.

Interview: Ali Shutler.

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