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ROAM robbed while on tour, need your help

Poor ROAM. Three weeks ago they were robbed while on tour, losing their passports which cost £3000 in replacements, alternative flights and VISA paperwork. Now it’s happened again, and they’ve lost all their cash.

“We woke up yesterday morning in France to find out we’d been robbed… again,” they explain on Facebook. “This time, from our van while we slept inside. Police think we were gassed so we were essentially knocked out so they could fiddle the lock and get inside.”

If you’d like to give them a hand, they’re asking for fans to buy merch from their online store.

“We’re in a bit of a financial pickle with lots of bills to pay for and need to continue this Simple Plan tour, as we’d never ever dream of dropping out of doing the best part of our ‘jobs’,” they add.

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