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Reuben’s ‘Very Fast Very Dangerous’ to receive 10th anniversary reissue

Ten years since it’s original release, Reuben’s second album ‘Very Fast Very Dangerous’ will be given a special reissue this summer. The record will be available for its first ever world wide release on black vinyl via Xtra Mile Recordings on 10th July.

The gatefold sleeve release will come with the original artwork redesigned for the format, along with a download code for the full thirteen track album, plus extra demos from the ‘Very Fast Very Dangerous’ era. That includes demo version of the whole album, plus three non album tracks.

The track-listing reads:

1. A Kick In The Mouth
2. Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em
3. Best Enemies
4. It’s All About Control
5. Every Time A Teenager Listens To Drum & Bass A Rockstar Dies
6. Nobody Loves You
7. Blamethrower
8. Keep It To Yourself
9. Lights Out
10. Alpha Signal Three
11. Good Night
12. Return Of The Jedi
13. Boy

MP3 Bonus Demo Tracks
1. A Kick In The Mouth (VFVD Demo)
2. Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em (VFVD Demo)
3. Best Enemies (VFVD Demo)
4. It’s All About Control (VFVD Demo)
5. Every Time A Teenager Listens To Drum & Bass A Rockstar Dies (VFVD Demo)
6. Nobody Loves You (VFVD Demo)
7. Blamethrower (VFVD Demo)
8. Keep It To Yourself (VFVD Demo)
9. Lights Out (VFVD Demo)
10. Alpha Signal Three (VFVD Demo)
11. Good Night (VFVD Demo)
12. Recouping Is So 1987 (VFVD Demo)
13. Boy (VFVD Demo)
14. Worn To Be Seen (VFVD Demo)
15. Approaching By Stealth (VFVD Demo)
16. Blitzkrieg (VFVD Demo)

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