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Rammstein to begin work on new album imminently?

It looks like Rammstein are planning to start work on their next album, the follow up to 2009’s ‘Liebe ist für alle da’, as soon as September.

Speaking to bloody-disgusting.com, Peter Tagtgren – who works with Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann on their side-project Lindemann – revealed they’re looking to begin pre-production this autumn.

“Till is going to go back to Rammstein in September to begin pre-production stuff,” he explains, “and he says that it usually takes two years from when they start until the album is done.”

So we could be looking at a new album in 2017, eight years after their last.

“[After this] I’m going to sit down and then think if I should do another Pain album, another Hypocrisy album, or [if I] should keep writing for Lindemann,” he adds. “Right now, I have so many ideas for the Lindemann project.”

Lindemann’s debut album, ’Skills in Pills’ will be released on Monday 22nd June.

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