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Radiohead disappear completely (from The Internet, anyway)

At 4pm GMT on Sunday May 1st, Radiohead.com started fading out. Over the next few hours the opacity of the website started to decrease, oscillating between two figures until it reached zero and we were all left staring at a blank page, wondering what was going on?

Following on from the the Burn The Witch leaflets sent out the day before and the mystery surrounding International Dawn Chorus Day, we’re expecting news of LP9 to come very soon.

Afterall, this is the band that’s released their past two albums ‘The King Of Limbs’ and ‘In Rainbows’ with little to no warning. They’re also the band that interrupted our Christmas Day with surprise track ‘Spectre’ so clearly they don’t care about a relaxing bank holiday.

Since then, the band have deleted everything on their Facebook and Twitter, changing their display pictures to an equally blank abyss of white with Thom Yorke also taking everything off his personal account.

It’s all a bit The 1975 but before you start *that*…

But basically, we still have no idea what’s going on. Keep ‘em peeled.

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