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Burn The Witch: Radiohead send out mysterious flyers

Taking a leaf from the Brand New Book of Album Teasers, Radiohead have finally confirmed that *something* is happening.

Last we heard, the ninth Radiohead album was coming in June. Then definitely not coming in June. But maybe it will be sooner than that.

Yesterday (30th April) a handful of UK fans received a mysterious leaflet/flyer/postcard/thing from the band that warned they know where you live, alongside the message “Six the song of sixpence that goes Burn The Witch.”

You have to give it to the band, that is quite mysterious.

Despite suggestions of burning the leaflet, rubbing it with lemon juice, playing it on a vinyl player and eating it, it seems that’s all there is to it. So far.

“We Know where You Live” appears during one of the band’s videos from 2003’s ‘The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth Of All Time‘ collection (43 seconds in, if you’re feeling impatient). This is where our annoying friend/e-hype man in Chieftain Mews comes from as well.

Burn The Witch‘ is a song that Radiohead have had in the works since “the tail end of ‘Kid A‘ and has been revisited at several points but has, so far anyway, never been released. The phrase appears in the artwork for 2003’s ‘Hail To The Thief

and in 2005, in a update on the band’s Dead Air Space, Thom confirmed that he had finished the lyrics for ‘Burn The Witch’. Lyrics he would share the following year.

“avoid all eye contact
do not react
this is a round up
this a low flying panic attack
red crosses on wooden doors
if she floats she burns
loose talk around tables
abandon all reason
stay in the shadows
cheer at the gallows
this is alow flying panic attack
six the song of sixpence that goes

burn the witch”

A few seconds have been teased at a couple of concerts but beyond that. Nothing. To tie it all to the present, yesterday was Walpurgis Night (Witches’ Night). If that wasn’t head-scratching enough, today (May 1st) is International Dawn Chorus Day which is ties in nicely to their company ‘Dawn Chorus‘ which the band set up recently to sort out all the business stuff for LP9.

So, the band’s ninth album should be out today, right?

And it’s not just Radiohead who are getting into the teasing spirit.

(She did like it btw)

TL;DR. Stuff is happening (but isn’t it always). We’re just excited that this isn’t about Brand New for once.

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