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PVRIS talk new material: “We have enough songs for the next record already”

From the fervour that currently surrounds PVRIS, there’s no way that you could guess that their first visit to the UK was just a handful of months ago. Having released their debut album ‘White Noise’ late last year, it didn’t take long for people to take notice. But what’s it like on the inside? “It feels awesome,” beams band leader Lynn Gunn, when Upset chat to the group after their debut festival set. “We don’t get to see this over in the States – what it’s like over here. It’s always cool to see how much [the fanbase] grows, and how much has already changed just from our first time over here. I’m already excited to see what happens.”

With such a confident debut and self-assured image, it’s no real surprise that their audience is growing, but – even with an album as accomplished as ‘White Noise’ – the band are always looking to what could come next.

“With the debut album, I guess we really just wanted to showcase what we’ve got,” Gunn offers. “I think it’s a pretty dynamic record, and it has a lot of different vibes and different genres. I like that it leaves it kinda open-ended for the next record.

“I’m always working on logic, messing around and working on demos,” she continues, hinting at their new material. “We already have enough songs for a second record and I went to Florida with Blake [Harnage, producer] and started on some new songs. We took some of my demos and brought them to life, so we have enough songs for the next record already but we’re gonna keep going. We’re probably gonna end up with forty or fifty songs before even recording. I already have over twenty already so it’s all about choosing!”

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