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PUP have something to announce later today

It’s International Teasing Things day. With Real Friends promising something “soon”, PUP are at least more descriptive and punctual with their lead ons; something is coming from them at 1PM EST today.

That’s around 6pm UK time, we think. We’re not great at time zones.

We know new PUP material is on the way; we talked to them about it in our new issue. You can read the full interview here.

“We know what kind of band we are now and what we sound like, so we just wanted to be that but better,” explains vocalist, Stefan Babcock. “We had no clue about our identity prior to the first album being out. We started writing off folk songs with acoustic guitars and stuff – pretty much the polar opposite of what we ended up as – but now here we are with a stronger, more confident sense of what the band is.”

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