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Petrol Girls: “We will never play a support slot for The King Blues”

Petrol GirlsRen Aldrige has taken to tumblr to explain why the band turned down a recent support slot with The King Blues, and offer “solidarity to all the women who have been affected by [King Blues’ frontman, Jonny] ‘Itch’ Fox’s behaviour”.

Her explanation was inspired in part due to the Tumblr post ‘We Are Women. We Are Strong. The Truth Of Itch, The King Blues‘, that warns he’s “a predator to women.” It was posted after the author “consulted a lawyer”, and claims the incidents listed are just “1/10th of the things that this man has done.”

Ren’s statement – in part – reads:

“Petrol Girls were recently offered some support slots for The King Blues which we declined on the basis of Itch’s behaviour towards women that I have personally met and spoken with. I want to say very publicly that we will never support this man in anyway, we will never betray the women he has affected. We will never play a support slot for The King Blues.

“I don’t give a flying fuck whether that has a “damaging effect” on my band, or if it would be “strategic” for us to support them or any other industry bullshit. I and creative projects I’m part of will never be a token feminist thing that assholes can roll out to distract from their shit behaviour, or tick some PC box.

“Itch personally asked for Petrol Girls to support The King Blues and he can fuck right off because we will not be used.”

The full post can be found here.

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