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Pariso: “The torch has been passed”

“We are sad to announce that we are splitting up,” came the news that Pariso were finished. “There is no big story, fallouts or reasons…. We simply always made a promise to ourselves that once it stopped being 100% fun then we would stop. That has now become the case.”

Rather then just drop the mic and walk away, Pariso are releasing one final, self-titled album through Tangled Talk and Holy Roar Records.
‘Pariso’ is out on July 6th but you can stream all thirteen tracks, right now.

Made up of five new tracks that would have found a home on a third album alongside a bunch of rarities and unreleased tracks, ‘Pariso’ is the conclusion of an influential six year story. “If you own all five of our 12″s, you’ll have everything we ever recorded.”

Alex Fitzpatrick, the band’s guitarist, had this to say about the close of Pariso.

Regardless of the end being nigh, what was it like pulling together those final songs?

“It was weird, if truth be told. It felt like such a struggle for such a long time for us to finish off new songs. We had a bank of about 10 half songs or ideas, and lots more riffs. One of the songs on this record we’ve had for almost a year and a half or something. Then we sort of ground to a halt – we were barely able to practice and everyone was busy setting up businesses, buying homes and travelling, amongst other things. Ironically, after figuring out that we were breaking up, everything became a lot easier, there was no pressure on ourselves and we streamlined and sorted everything you now have before you on the A-side of this final record in about 2 weeks.”

What’s it like to have put the final nail in the coffin of UKswell?

“It was always just a term to represent a group of friends in bands, a sort of ‘fuck you’ to American scenes, showing that we could do it just as well whilst always looking out for each other. A clan. So whilst it originally represented bands like us, Goodtime Boys, The Long Haul, Bastions and Kerouac, it now represents (in my opinion) bands like Employed To Serve, Svalbard, Ithaca, Old Skin and many more. The Swell lives on. The torch has been passed.”

What sort of note would you like the band to leave on?

“We just hope that our final gig is a nice celebration of our 6 years, and that people come out and have some fun really! I know that I am going to be very sad at the end of that gig though – this band has shown more of me and who I am than anything else in my life ever has, if I’m truthful.

“I’m really proud of everything we achieved though, purely because it was all on our terms. I like the fact we wrote and released a lot – we didn’t overthink things, but we always tried our best with the resources we had, regarding how our releases looked and sounded. And we had some fun with merchandise too! I hope we are remembered as a band that did things a little bit differently, didn’t take ourselves too seriously and didn’t directly sound like anyone else….we ripped a bunch of bands off but moulded it into our own thing.”

Pariso are set to play one last show on September 4th. If you’re dreading the end, you’ve got time to prepare yourself. If you’re new to the band, you’ve got time to get emotionally invested before their last stand.

Taking place at The Unicorn in Camden, Pariso will be playing alongside Daggers, Svalbard and Employed to Serve. All the details can be found here.


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