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Paramore’s Hayley Williams ties up self-titled album run in new tumblr post, is writing new lyrics

Paramore’s Hayley Williams has come over all nostalgic in a new tumblr post, putting to bed the band’s self-titled album run, and confirming – alongside a million other ventures and life-milestones – she’s writing new lyrics for what comes next.

“The last 4 years are gonna play like a movie in my head for the rest of my life,” Williams writes. “It was the best time from start to finish. Everything that has to do with the self-titled album is my favorite memory. Even the stuff that wasn’t so easy to go through. ‘Cause now i look back and I see why it all happened in the order that it did. We will never make another album like that one. That’s something i’ll always be proud about, and a little sad about, and that’s just the truth.

“But what do I know? The next album might be even better than S/T. I should know better by now than to ever question the process, the plan, or the deep belief that I have in Paramore… more so than i even have in myself, alone.”

Updating her current plans, Hayley reveals: “I’ve been wedding planning, attempting to write and sometimes actually writing, moving into a new place, and building a hair-dye company from the ground up. All at the same time. Yes, I am completely insane! You should see my crazy eyes. I think they’re permanent now actually.. I’m going to try my best to share bits and pieces of some of all of it as we go along but no promises cause some days I forget the internet exists (and i think that’s a good thing).”

“I’ve typed for long enough now,” she finishes. “Writing lyrics with carpal tunnel sounds great and all but I’d rather not.”

You can read the full post here.

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