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Panic! At The Disco to perform a mash-up with SisQó

Panic! At The Disco are taking to Jimmy Kimmel Live! next week (15th February) and they’re going to perform a mash-up with SisQó. Yup, Panic! At The SisQó.

SisQó is most known for ‘The Thong Song‘ while you might recognise Panic! At The Disco from their chart-dominating ‘Death Of A Bachelor‘ or the front of February’s Upset Magazine.

““It’s more of a solo project than people realise, I think,” ventures Brendon Urie of his role as Last Man Standing. “But only because it’s happened over time. Couple of guys left, I took the reins. Another buddy left, I took more of a lead and now it’s just me. I get to do whatever the hell I want, which is just awesome. As opposed to sitting down with three other people and writing an album where you compromise and argue, now I’m able to write and nobody pushes me in a certain way or makes me do a certain thing if I don’t want to do it. I have full carte blanche. No rules. I get to do whatever I want, which is great.”

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