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Panic! At The Disco: “Reading & Leeds is the biggest festival in the world”

It’s been, what nine years since we first played the mainstage,” starts Brendon Urie. “It’s awesome. We’re playing an hour later than we did in 2006, so moving up,” he continues with a grin.

“One of the big reasons we play festivals is because ninety percent of people don’t know who Panic! At The Disco are. It’s just a chance to show people what we’re capable of and how much fun we can have. We have a cover that we’re going to do today that just feels right because we’re in the UK,” Brendon teases.

“Everytime we play, every year, it gets more and more nostalgic. Every time we play a song from the first album, I remember recording it. How I felt then is always something that just rushes back to me. It’s always so much fun, especially Reading & Leeds. It was our first massive festival; it’s the biggest festival in the world and so for us to be able to play that first time, it blew us away and then to be back here, it’s always a good time. We always get a good reaction, whether people hate you or love you.”

“Getting knocked out was the craziest,” Brendon starts without encouragement. “It was the coolest thing ever. That was the most craziest shit that had happened to me at that point,” he says with a laugh. “We were so excited, it was Reading and Leeds. This is historic shit, this is the biggest festival in the world and then 30 seconds in, boom. I’m knocked out. I always get a little tickle in my stomach thinking about that and I’m excited to see what the fuck is going to happen today, how much it’s progressed in ten years.”

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