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It’s ok, everyone is alright following Frank Iero’s bus crash

While reports are still pretty vague, Frank Iero and some of his crew were involved in an accident in Sydney last night, with a city bus apparently crashing into their tour van while gear was being unloaded prior to a show.

Now Frank’s given an update via Twitter – and thankfully it’s good news: “Hi friends,” he says, “thanks all for the well wishes. We’re pretty banged up but miraculously alive & in stable condition. I’m still in a state of shock.”

Music Feeds are reporting that two men were injured and both taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital, while a third was treated at the scene. They also have a report from Channel 9.

FrnkIero and the Patience bass player Alexander Paul had previously tweeted that while he didn’t have many details, “I have been told everyone is in stable condition.”

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