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Oh HECK, Baby Godzilla change name

The people who own the Godzilla name like control. As you would, if you could call upon a giant city smashing chum. That means that Baby Godzilla were always living on borrowed time – eventually someone in a suit was always going to tap them on the shoulder and ask them if they had a licence to use that name.

And obviously, no. It was just cool.

So, from today, Baby Godzilla are no more. They’re now called HECK.

A statement from the band reads:

“This may seem abrupt but following some fairly conclusive and forceful instructions it is time we instigated a change. We; the collective of Matt Reynolds, Jonny Hall, Tom Marsh and Paul Shelley, will from now on and henceforth be known as HECK.

To all of the incredible people we have had the absolute pleasure of meeting, working with, playing with and playing to make no mistake; this is still us. We will never compromise and we promise you our undivided commitment, ambition and passion. Every drop of blood and energy we have belongs to you.

This news is not presented with regret and although this wasn’t ultimately our long-term plan we are looking at this as an exciting new chapter. We press on, reinvigorated, focused and with more fire in our bellies than ever.

Don’t fear the change, we’re here for you, get behind us.”

HECK’s debut album will be released this Autumn.

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