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Norwich venue The Owl Sanctuary to close

Norwich venue The Owl Sanctuary is being forced to close, as the building it’s located in has allegedly been sold to developers hoping to build flats on the land. The last gigs will take place in the week leading up to 31st January, with any booked for after that date in the process of being moved.

In a lengthy statement on Facebook – read the full thing here, it’s worth a gander – the venue explains: “I had a call just before Christmas saying that our building has been sold to a property developer without me ever being told it was happening or given any notice what so ever as should have happened as per my lease.”

The developer reportedly paid £435,000 for the property in cash – much more than a recent valuation, the statement adds. “According to legal advice the only reason anyone would pay over the odds for a building they hadn’t ever looked at was to tear it down, which means The Owl will probably end up as a car park or more flats.”

They go on to thank everyone “who has supported us from day one when this was just a crazy idea, all the bands who ever played here (apart from Slapshot) and and from me to all my friends who helped me create something as wonderful and unfortunately all too unique these days as what we have/had here. I hope you will remember the past 2 years fondly.”

Upcoming gigs include Turnover (18th January), Beach Slang (19th), Terror (26th) and Capdown (29th).

Update: a page has been set up to help out the Owl Sanctuary team. You can find it here.

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