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Northlane are raising money by selling stuff on eBay

Northlane have listed a bunch of stuff on eBay – including “test presses, rare and out of print merch, and signature gear” – to raise money while they’re not on the road.

“While we’ve donated a lot to charity over time, the proceeds of this auction are going to go to the people in this band. We’ll be taking some time off touring this year to write the best new record we can,” they explain on Facebook.

“As touring is our only substantial source of income, this money will go towards ensuring we can cover our bills and make ends meet while we’re not on the road.

“We know you’ve heard it all before but understand that we really don’t make much money doing this as it is (well below minimum wage), we still need to put food on the table like anybody else.”

Check out what they’re selling here.

Currently the front runner is a limited edition coloured vinyl test-press of 2011 debut album ’Discoveries’ at AU $910. “This particular test press is numbered 3 of 3 produced,” reads the listing.

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