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New releases will be out on Friday from 10th July, and so will the UK chart

The days you can pop out and buy a new record for the first time are about to change, with the details now properly announced.

From July 10th, new music will come out on the same day everywhere. That means in the US (where new releases came on Tuesdays) and the UK (Mondays),veverything will drop on Friday.

A website, newmusicfridays.com, says the change is because “in today’s digital world the old system of national release days doesn’t make sense. For example, a music fan in France may be able to get a new album on a Monday, but a fan in Germany has to wait until Friday before the same album is available. Now new releases will be available to everyone on the same day, wherever they are in the world”

That first Friday is when albums from Spraynard and What’s Eating Gilbert are set for release. Frank Turner, Don Broco and Neck Deep will also release on Fridays in the first few weeks of the new plan.

The UK chart is also moving from Sundays to Fridays. The first Friday chart will also be on July 10th – a shorter than usual run from the previous Sunday, 5th July.

TL;DR? Your new music will be out on Fridays. The charts will be on Fridays. Crunchies no longer have a monopoly on Fridays.

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