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New music from PVRIS is coming very, very soon

It seems like we’ve been talking about new music from PVRIS for ages now but the wait is over. Yup, we have a date, a time and everything.

According to Philadelphia radio station 104.5 they have the world premiere of a new PVRIS song “tomorrow, 12:15pm”

Now, that was tweeted at 10:34pm local time which means, if our time zones are correct, that the song will be released today (17th February) at 5:15pm GMT. Isn’t that exciting.

It backs up the band’s request to “stay tuned for big news coming soon from PVRIS” atop their latest run of music videos.

“I feel like the three of us are the three musketeers,” Lynn Gunn told Upset recently. “The core of PVRIS, we don’t want to touch or mess with. We don’t want anyone to throw off the dynamic of what we are because I feel like we balance each other out really, really well. We’re a good trio.”

“We’ve been together from the start. From day one in a basement saying we want to do this, and for all the right reasons. We’re slowly getting there and we wouldn’t want to deal with anyone else,” adds Brian MacDonald.

““The darkness isn’t going to get lost, if anything there’s going to be more, at least lyrically. I think the sound, sonically might be a more atmospheric and, you’ll find out. You’ll see,” continues Lynn on their new material. “We’re never going to make the same record twice but we’ll always keep it honest and real. It’s definitely different. It’s definitely new and exciting, but it’s still very PVRIS.”

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