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New Moose Blood music is coming next week

New Moose Blood is on its way very soon indeed.

Taking to Twitter, the band promise new music will be in our ears at some point next week.

The news comes alongside an image, suggesting either the new track will be called ‘Honey’, or we’re about to get some odd band member preserve. If that’s the case, we’ll stick to our grapefruit in syrup, thanks all the same lads.

“This record came together a lot faster than the last and we had a little longer in the studio this time around,” Eddy Brewerton told Upset earlier this year. “We have toured so much since the last record came out and I think that helped us become tighter as a band and play better as the four of us. I think that there is just a natural progression with these new songs and we are really proud of it.”

“We started putting a few ideas together when we had some spare time on tour over the summer, but it wasn’t until we got home that we started writing properly,” he continues. “We really thought about the structures of these songs and spent a little more time going over parts in the studio to make them as good as they could be. We were lucky enough to work with Beau Burchell again and he really pushed us to put out the best work that we could.”

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