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New Found Glory: “We’re doing something fun to make Reading special”

“We have a fun set planned for Reading,” teases Chad Gilbert ahead of the second of two New Found Glory London warm-up shows.

“We’re always very grateful when Reading asks us to play but the last three times, we’ve been on the main stage,” he continues. “Personally speaking, it’s hard to get super energetic and you probably think that’s funny because there’s 60,00 people watching. It’s great, we’re grateful they have us at all and it’s an amazing experience but once you’ve done it a few times and people are a mile away, you really just want to have your special New Found Glory set.”

Originally offered a main stage slot again this year, the band emailed back and asked if they could close the Lock Up Stage instead. You don’t really refuse New Found Glory. “Every time we play those tents, it’s incredible. It’s so loud in there and you can hear everyone singing,” he enthuses as Jordan Punndik, sitting beside him, smiles at the thought.

While the likes of Paramore, You Me At Six and All Time Low have all commanded huge main stage slots in recent years, New Found Glory aren’t wasting their time wishing.

“It would be awesome if the organisers were like ‘Hey, you’re huge and you can play late,’ but I don’t wish for anyone else’s life but my own. I love my own life. I never look at anyone and wish that was me. It’d be awesome (to headline) but I think there’s someone up on that stage, wishing they were us. Your happiness and your own success is based on your own perception of what you do and why you do the things you do.”

“There’s a lot of older fans but there’s also kids who don’t even know the older stuff, they only know the new stuff,” Chad begins. “We’re doing something fun to make that Reading special. You try and make each individual show special and I know a lot of bands don’t do that. They might play the same set but tonight we’re playing 16 different songs to what we played last night. We really switched it up and Reading we’re doing two songs that we’re only doing at Reading, then we’ll never do them again. It just makes sense for Reading, so that keeps it exciting.”

You can read more about Reading & Leeds in the September issue of Upset.

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