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Mourn in a battle with Spanish label over new album

Barcelona four piece Mourn are in a pickle with their new album release – the record’s all done and dusted, paid for by the band, but their Spanish label Sones are apparently holding it “hostage”.

“Our label here in Spain, Sones, who were also our management team, have left us in a position where we legally can’t proceed and the LP is effectively held up in litigation,” the band explain on Facebook.

“Because Sones has held all income from us, including advances and royalties paid by Captured Tracks, all performance income from shows as well as merchandise money, we’ve had to pay for our new record out of our own pocket.

“Even so, we’re not able to send it to our label to press or release and effectively the LP is held hostage by Sones, despite the fact that they haven’t paid anything to create it and in fact have withheld money expressly paid to us for the purposes of making it.

“We understand Sones has costs which need to be recouped, but the balance is well out of order.”

Read the full statement here.

The band released their self-titled first full-length earlier this year, following up with a three track 7” ‘Gertrudis’. Watch the video for pseudo title track, ‘Gertrudis, Get Through This!’ below.

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