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Motion City Soundtrack on line up change: “We still wanted to do this”

“I’m excited, I’m anxious, I’m nervous,” says Motion City Soundtrack frontman Justin Pierre on tomorrow’s release of their new album, ‘Panic Stations’. “No, all good things. We recorded that over a year ago, so yeah it’s about time!”

An album being sat on can make fans impatient with excitement, but what is it like when it’s your work? “It’s nerve wracking,” admits Justin in the new issue of Upset. “It’s happened to us twice now but this time it was more my fault because I went in and had a kid and that threw a monkey wrench in the plans. I have been busy, so it hasn’t been too bad.”

This album has been the first for the band since the departure of drummer Tony Thaxton, who felt life on the road was taking its toll on him. They parted more than amicably, all moving on to new roads. “The trajectory of that, at least from my point of view, there was an initial bit of fear, then the team all huddled together and decided that we still wanted to do this. I remember we had two gigs lined up so we called up our buddy Claudio and asked if he wanted to fill in for that and he said yes and then we just started playing together.

“We were just writing songs and it was very exciting. We asked if he wanted to be the guy and he said ‘Hell yeah!’ and then we just started writing a ton of stuff. I guess I went from being not excited to very excited again. When you’ve been with those guys for so long and when something changes the dynamic of that, the unit changes. Luckily we found a guy who was very excited about playing music which propelled us forward.”

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