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Moose Blood: “We’re just trying to make the most of every moment”

Posted: Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

“It’s a really nice thing to come home and play shows again,” starts Eddy Brewerton on the Sunday afternoon of Reading Festival. Earlier on Moose Blood played a show that just felt special and it’s a feeling echoed by the band. “We were very honored to even play the thing, let alone that people came and watched us,” he continues before Mark Osborne adds, “That was something else. We went to the other side of the world expecting people not to know or care who we were, but it almost turned out to be the opposite. However, on Warped Tour we didn’t have a reaction or a crowd like that. To come home after such a long time away, and to get a reaction like that, it’s mind blowing. “

Not that the band have long to bask in the accomplishments of summer, as a headline run kicked off a few days earlier. “It was great. It sold out on the night and playing the album in full, we’ve never done that before. There’s a song on the album we’ve never played live before and it’s a nice change, after a summer of playing the same set,” offers Eddy before promising. “This will be the last headline tour we do with just this album out.”

I’ll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time‘ has taken Moose Blood to America and back and while there’s plenty of life left in the record yet, it is less than a year old, the band are eager to double their back catalogue.

“We’re going to start writing and knocking some ideas about for a new record but we’re going to be playing these songs for years to come,” says Eddy of what the rest of the year holds for the band. “There’s a couple of songs finished. This tour is the cut off and then we’re going to sit down properly and write, which is exciting.”

“We all had jobs before so you practiced as and when you could, you wrote the songs as and when you could but now, that’s all we have to focus on,” explains Mark. “It’s fantastic. It’s completely different now. We’re all in completely different mindsets and lifestyles. Writing the first record, there was no pressure, no expectations. We were just a bunch of mates writing some songs for the sake of wanting to do it, which is still how it is, but now somebody wants to put your record out.”

“I say it on stage all the time,” starts Eddy, “We’re very aware how lucky we are. We didn’t expect to come this far.”

“We don’t put any pressure on ourselves, we just take it all in our stride and don’t get carried away. We just feel very lucky and grateful to have the opportunities that come our way,” echoes Mark. “We’re very appreciative we get the chance to write and release a second record.“

“We’re just trying to make the most of every moment,” offers Eddy.