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Moose Blood: Reading & Leeds is “going to be a lot of fun”

Having been away, on the other side of a sizeable pond for most of the summer months, Moose Blood are excited to return to the UK for their first ever shows at Reading & Leeds festival.

Out in the States, they appeared as one of the handful of British bands on this summers Warped Tour. Drummer, Glenn Harvey has fond memories of his band’s recent jaunt, “It was incredible.  It was so much bigger than we expected it to be and we had bigger crowds everyday than we were expecting to play to as well.  It was just a great opportunity to get out and play our first shows in America”.

But the love that they received on the tarmac across the US hasn’t stopped them wanting to come back, although it may have helped boost their confidence.  “I think it’s going to be really nice to come home and play to, hopefully, a pretty big crowd at Reading & Leeds”, Glenn ventures, “I’ve never actually been before, but it’s the festival that all my friends always went to and I think it’s the same for everyone else in the band as well.  I think we’re all looking forward to experiencing a show on that scale.  It should be really fun”. 

However, despite the shot of confidence that the band received on Warped Tour and the anticipation of such an iconic festival, Glenn maintains that they’re not getting carried away ahead of Reading & Leeds.  I don’t think any of us are trying to get any expectations going into it; you just kind of want to experience it.  It will just be great”.

In fact, if Glenn’s excitement is anything to go by, what they’re most looking forward to is the prospect of their Swedish stage buddies. “The stage we’re on; Refused are headlining that day.  So it’s going to be insane just to hang around and watch the other bands playing.  I think it’s going to be a lot of fun”.

Although Glenn professes that things are “golden at this point”, talks can’t help but turn to line-ups of years gone by and the prospects that can await certain bands that pay their dues in the grubby, yet hallowed tent of the Lock Up Stage. “It’s one of those things; I was looking back through previous line-ups and you notice certain bands, as you go back to early 2000s, at the bottom of the bill and now they’re the ones who are headlining.  It’s always nice to see that, so it would be nice if we get invited back at any point to see what we can manage in the future”.

There’s a sense of quiet confidence in the Moose Blood camp, which hints that their homecoming sets at Reading & Leeds could be quite the moment for both band and their fans.

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