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Milk Teeth have finished writing their second album

Milk Teeth told us they were already thinking about a second album way back in the winter but it turns out it’s finished. Sorta.

After they all watched Creeper‘s set, we caught up with Chris Webb (hungover) and Becky Blomfield (had a magnum instead) backstage at Reading and let them spill the beans.

“We played such a good show last night and you missed it,” teases Becky. “We put a nice beatdown in one of our songs for a laugh. Thrice fans didn’t appreciate it. The LTA kids hated it more,” adds Chris. They had a nice time though. And before we can ask another question, Becky proudly boasts “We’ve written some new songs now.”

Yup, Milk Teeth’s second album is written. “We’ve demoed it and it’s great. I’m going to tell everyone everything expect for the name. We’ve got 14 songs, We’re going to cut it down to 11 which is going to be shitty because we all like different songs,” starts Chris as Becky carries on. “We accidently wrote a Christmas song, so that’s getting cut. But the rest is good. We’ll keep it for when we want to be Slade and live off of that sweet PRS.”

Chris struggles to find the right words to describe the new record but settles for “It’s more melodic. They’re just catchier songs. We demoed them and they sound like pop songs but they’re not. I want to record something really nasty and really gnarly to represent our live sound. We want to capture how we sound live. I’m glad the label is letting us be as noisy as we want. I think the last record, it wanted to be cooler than it is. I’ve never thought we were cool. I want to play songs that we like. I don’t care about being cool.”

“It’s more upbeat,” offers Becky. “It’s still a personal record but I feel like ‘Vile Child’ captured three years of my life that were really, really shit so it’s the next chapter. There’s a couple of deeper cuts on there. There’s still some stuff where I’m pouring my heart out but a lot of it’s like, ‘let’s have some fucking fun’.”

“Lately, we’ve all been having nice times,” says Chris. “One of the song’s lyrics is about being smelly and being on tour”
“and just not giving a shit,” Becky adds, finishing his sentence. “As much as we have a lot to say, we like having fun. We’re a fun band.”

Writing album two has been, “a long time coming,” according to Becky. “I was already writing new stuff when ‘Vile Child’ was coming out. One of the song lyrics I talk about 24 and I’m nearly 26. I think that’s good, I’d never want to write something in two weeks and rush it. We don’t stop. Album two isn’t even recorded but I’m already thinking ‘what’s album three going to be?’ I still care about this stuff, I’m just constantly looking forward.”

Don’t start holding your breath though. With a view to record in early 2017 (they’ve already picked a producer), they’re hoping to have it out by this time next year. But still, it’s nice to know Milk Teeth’s second album is on the way.

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