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So, maybe Brand New really are breaking up in 2018

There’s always a gang of rumours surrounding Brand New but one of the most persistent of recent years has been the whisperings that the band are thinking of breaking up.

It all started with those lyric books last year that came with a postcard proclaiming “Brand New RIP 2018”.
brand new

Then Jesse got all emotional at a gig, proclaiming that this can’t “last much longer.”

And now the band have unveiled a new t-shirt that…well, see for yourself.
brand new tee

The band also used that image at the close of their gig in Vancouver last night (June 1st). Maybe they really are going to stay 18 forever. Or maybe they’re just having a laugh.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. We’re definitely getting a new album and they’ve released another new t-shirt with the same 2000-2018 memorial, called Resurrection.

Brand New Tee2

A glimmer of hope? we’ll take it.

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