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Marmozets: “We have a sound. We finally found it”

“I haven’t seen my family in months,” offers Sam Macintyre a few hours after Marmozets‘ main stage slot at Reading Festival. The band have ideas of home and they certainly looked it on the festival’s most daunting stage.

“It gets a bit emotional at times,” continues Jack Bottomely. “It’s good though, a band putting emotion into their music works. Last time our family saw us play was seven months ago so it’s been a while. At least they know we’re doing alright and we’re still sane.”

Questions about what comes next are up to next are met with the snap response that, “A new album will be recorded very, very soon.”

“We’ve been ready for ages,” says Sam. “Almost as soon as the last album was done we were like ‘right, let’s start writing.’”

“We’ve been mega busy with touring, which isn’t a problem. It’s been great but it’ll be nice to hit the studio and get a feel for the new stuff. We’re dead excited,” adds Jack.

“We’ve got a completely different sound,” explains Sam. “It’s a lot more mature and a lot more together. As you get older your songwriting obviously gets better. That last album, we wrote two years before we released it, so this new one will be four years further ahead. It’s new, it’s very new and very now.”

“It’s more focused on our influences. Before we wrote a song for the sake of a song and that’s why the last album sounds so different. You get to know how gigs go and what sounds better in what rooms. The direction we’re going in, it will sound better live,” promises Sam. “We have a sound. We’ve finally found it. I mean, we’ll probably saying this in five albums time but at the moment we’re dead set and excited.”

“It is easier to listen to but it’s still in your face,” adds Jack. “It’s great.”

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