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Machine Head’s Rob Flynn speaks out on Phil Anslemo and racism within metal

In the wake of Dimebash 2016 – an annual charity gig that held its fifth edition on in celebration of Pantera’s late guitarist, Dimebag Darrell – a video emerged showing former Pantera vocalist, Phil Anselmo giving what looks like a Nazi salute and shouting the words, “White power,” before leaving the stage after performing.

This has triggered a huge, much needed discussion regarding racism within metal, and now Machine Head‘s Rob Flynn has weighed in with a vlog posted to the Machine Head Youtube channel entitled ‘Racism In Metal‘. In the video, Flynn denounces both Anselmo and the “metal community that backs this bullshit,” signing off with a “goodbye,” to Anselmo and stating that he wants “no part of this” in reference to a metal scene that refuses to condemn racism.

Flynn also discusses racism in the metal scene (and the US in general), the fallacy of the ‘free speech’ argument in defence of racist expression, and his experience dealing with Anselmo that night. The video is well worth a watch and it’s hugely encouraging to hear such a well known figure such as Flynn sticking his neck out and decrying a problem which has existed for some time. Watch it in full below.

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