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Lower Than Atlantis: “We just like playing music, so we’re gonna keep playing it”

Lower Than Atlantis are anything but shy when it comes to most things, so unsurprisingly, they’re already fairly confident about their next UK tour.

“We don’t need to big ourselves up,” frontman Mike Duce cheekily quips, when Upset spoke to the band recently. “If you like our music, you should come to our gig, and if you don’t, then fucking don’t come!”

Fresh from their first full touring run around the UK since the release of their self-titled fourth album, the band are already looking ahead to what comes next. Their forthcoming stint around the UK is set to boast seven shows around the country this December, including their largest London show to date.

“We are planning on doing something a bit different, production-wise,” admits drummer Eddy Thrower. Taking their live show to the next stage is already something that’s on their minds. “We want to do something different but unless you’re Drake and can afford to have a stage come down from the roof, you have to get creative with it. We’ve got something in mind, though, that we think will be amazing…”

“We’ve got to that next step now that we’re not quite familiar with as headliners,” breezily continues Duce, “but we’ll figure it out.”

Already seemingly unphased by the prospect of playing the biggest shows of their career so far, it’s a level up that the quartet are clearly feeling ready for. “I think a lot of bands are in a rush to almost seek validation,” offers up Duce, “and they want everyone to think they’re the biggest band in the world. I know perception is a big thing for bands these days in the rock scene and we don’t give a fuck. We just like playing music, so we’re gonna keep playing it.”

Lower Than Atlantis will play:

07 Middlesborough, Empire
08 Leeds, Met Uni
10 Nottingham, Rock City
11 Bristol, Academy
12 Birmingham, Institute
14 London, Roundhouse
15 Manchester, The Ritz

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