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letlive.’s new album ‘If I’m The Devil’ should be out in June

The hypetrain continues. During an interview with Blunt Magazine about his gentlemen’s lifestyle brand G.I.R.L. letlive.’s vocalist Jason Aalon Butler gave us a rough release date for the band’s new album.

“We’ve got an album coming out this summer – that’s what the label says, at least. We’re hoping to release that in June, I believe. I’m excited to sort of show people what we’ve been up to and also who we’ve become as a band, obviously with the music and also our ideology as a band, and then continue on with that whole ideal of ‘Let Live’. That’s what I’m hoping for, at least.”

“I’d say there’s quite a big difference actually,” he continues. “We were pretty deliberate in making this new sound for us and approaching our sort of current scenario, not only here, but in the western world. There’s gonna be these ideas that people are going to be neglecting and these scenarios that we feel are very detrimental to us, just as people – this doesn’t even have to just be political. There’s definitely an emotional exercise that we can exhibit here in this record and that’s what we’re trying to do, get people to kind of wake the fuck up and pay attention.”

Speaking to Upset earlier this year Jason explained, “Honestly, the mind-set was just don’t think about ‘The Blackest Beautiful’. We let that album exist as it is, let it isolate itself as that era for letlive. and that sonic representation.

“This is going to sound so trite, but I think that life can continually offer new things. There are these things that you can take from or admire or abhor or discuss; they’re abounding, they’re everywhere all the time. So for me it was just taking a moment to see what meant the most to me to write about in an album. Compared to the last couple of records, I’m able to be a lot more objective and I’m also a lot more knowledgeable as far as the systems that I’m discussing and the conversations that I’m trying to advance.”

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