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Learn to draw: newspaper sends cartoonist to sketch Foo Fighters show

If you frequent the ‘creative industries’ side of the internet, or you even just read the news of late, you’ll be aware of the contracts that musicians often make photographers sign before shooting their live shows.

They’re common amongst major acts, and, in part, are designed to stop an artist’s image being exploited in ways they’d rather not.

One band with such a contract are Foo Fighters, who, in order to shoot their current US tour, are making photographers sign away ownership of their work to the band after its initial publication.

The Washington City Paper decided this contract was ’exploitative’ and chose to boycott the band’s recent 20th anniversary gig, but Quebec newspaper Le Soleil had a more creative solution. For the band’s recent Quebec City concert, they didn’t send a photographer. They sent a cartoonist.

Francis Desharnais produced a couple of sketches from the show, with the paper claiming “When the Foo Fighters claim rights to pictures of them in concert, they do not do it halfway. Not only could accredited photographers at the show yesterday not publish their work more than once, they had to give up all moral rights.”

Check out Dasharnais’ sketches below.



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