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Issues discuss album two: “We know people are going to call us sell outs”

Issues return this month with their new album ‘Headspace’, due on 20th May – the follow up to 2014’s self-titled debut. And they’re expecting a fair amount of flack, the band explain in the May issue of Upset.

“Our influences are completely different from what we were influenced by a couple of years ago,” says vocalist Tyler Carter. “People might call us sell outs, some might say we are just trying to appeal to a commercial audience – that’s not true.

“Obviously, we want to grow, and we would like to do bigger tours and make more money and support ourselves in the future because it takes more money to be able to do this for a living, and to make music for people, but we have to be able to survive as well. 

“It’s more than just the commercial aspect, it’s about growth. We evolve in our talents and take it more seriously. We know people are going to call us sell outs just because we have the softest poppiest, most singy-songy track of our whole career on this album. But we also have our heaviest, darkest most anti-singing song of our career on the album too.

“So, people who get their panties in a bunch maybe haven’t listened to the whole record.”

Read more from Issues in the new issue of Upset, out Friday 6th February. Pre-order your copy here – along with some back issues, if you like (they’re very good). It will also be available from our featured stockists.

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Interview: Heather McDaid.

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